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Author Kirsi Pehkonen

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Photo Petri Jauhiainen.

Finnish author and writer living in an old farmhouse in Eastern Finland, in the middle of forests, lakes and fields.

As an author I enjoy writing varying kinds of contents. I usually have many projects going on at the same time: I can shift between them depending on my interests.
While my books have been frequently published, I learn more about writing all the time. I aspire the latest book to be the best so far – what’s the use of writing the second best?

I enjoy writing but I never wait for the moment of inspiration. Just sit down, turn on the computer and write. That’s how books are done.

Jylhäsalmi-series #5

Bestseller Romance Novels, Jylhäsalmi-books. Jylhäsalmi is an idyllic village in Eastern Finland. A small ferry café called Lossari is the heart of the village and one of the places where villagers and new comers get to know each other. And love is in the air, of course!
Sydämenasioita Jylhäsalmella 2017
Jylhäsalmella salamoi 2018
Juuret Jylhäsalmella 2019
Jylhäsalmen sydänkesä 2020
Riihikuivaa satoa Jylhäsalmella 2021
The fifth novel Riihikuivaa satoa Jylhäsalmella was published in April 2021, gaining #5 in April and #10 in May in Finnish Top Ten Books list.

Crime novel Kotiapulainen was published in March 2021. What if a couple gets unexpected help for infertility? Help that’s been forgotten, perhaps old and traditional but new to them. What are they ready to do to have a child, to have a family?

Friend book for adults, for happy food memories.

Käydään pöytään! Ystäväkirja ruokahetkiin published in June 2020 is a friend book for adults, with questions about food, favourite recipes and secrets. It invites you to write down food moments with friends, new acquaintances, and family.

In crime novel Karhuvaaran uhri 2015 a ruined body is found in wilderness near a Nature Photo Center not far from the eastern border of Finland. In a beautiful summer landscape there seems to be no sign of the killer. So which one is a more dangerous creature, a bear or a man?

A guide to authors’ working methods, 2018.

A non-fiction book about authors’ working methods Käsikirjoituksesta kirjaksi, Miten kirjailijat muokkaavat tekstiään? was published in 2018. Eleven well-known Finnish authors tell how they create stories and edit their texts.

Punaviiva. The Red Line.

Youth book series 2011 – 2015, Aloituskiekko, Punaviiva , Vieraskentillä, Ketjukaverit, Voittolaukaus. Two teenage girls, Hilla and Noora, find their way to top sports, Hilla in ice hockey and Noora in table tennis, though Noora has a serious handicap because of an accident in her childhood. Punaviiva was appointed nominee for Arvid Lydecken -youth novel book prize 2012 and Voittolaukaus for Topelius -prize in 2015.

Christmas Short Stories Lahja – 24 joulutarinaa aikuisille 2015.

Editorial page columns in provincial newspaper Savon Sanomat since 2007. Columns also in other media, for ex Koti ja maaseutu -magazine in 2019-2020. Hundreds of articles in various magazines and newspapers: for ex. Soisalon Seutu, Savon Sanomat, Kirkko ja koti.

Tullaan juttuun! 2006, a media guide for primary school teachers: how to use newspapers in teaching and learning.